Robot making adventures

He doesn’t walk yet but we are getting close


I’d like to thank my teammate, Stephan Wagner, for help with the simulations and fun games of ping pong. And I’d like to thank my University, Drexel, particularly Mr.Mike Galloway for 3d printing help. I’d also like to thank Professor David Han and Professor Chmielewski Thomas from Drexel University and Professor Motegi Kazuhiro from Gunma University for advising on our project.

Step 1: Setup a plan

The first step to making a robot is a good plan. Our plan was the following. We will

  1. Think of a design of the robot and put it into cad
  2. Simulate the robot walking
  3. Build the robot and put the simulation code in. We’ll use Arduino to move all the servos since I did that before.

Step 2: CAD

I talked about my cad adventures in a separate post here. But in the end, we got something like this in Autodesk Inventor 2021

Step 3: Simulation

We used Simscape which is a plugin for Simulink to simulate the robot along with Matlab.

  1. We can think of walking as follows. 1 foot on the ground, the other foot in the air. Then we tip towards the foot in the air, then that foot lands. Then we tip towards the other foot that’s in the air. We can see this below

Step 4: Building

We first got all the 3d printed parts like so. Thanks again, Mike!

Step 5: Powering the robot

My initial plan for powering the robot was to use an ac adapter. An ac adapter just provides 5V 3A. If we check the mg996r specs, this is just enough to power 1 motor. So we need 5V 36A or higher voltage with less current.

Next Steps

Next, we’ll try

  1. See if the power supply is enough/and how many motors can be moved with one.
  2. See discrepancy between the simulation and real-world movement
  3. Update simulation with new CADs and try to make it walk with any method.



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